Here at Coffee Canopy, we strive to provide our customers with the freshest coffee beans.  Over 90% of our coffee bean orders are shipped within 24 hours of being roasted.  Most orders are shipped next business day.  We've selected the best coffee beans from around the world to provide you with some unique blends and flavors.  We're sure that you'll find at least one product to satisfy your senses.

We provide many different bag sizes, so no matter how much coffee you drink or brew, you can find a bag to fit your needs.  The larger the bag, the better the price per pound.  Also, you can subscribe to receive your favorite coffee at specified intervals and save 10% on every shipment!

Is there a flavor you want missing from our collection?  Let us know at the e-mail address below and we'll see if we've got a recipe to roast it for you.  If not, maybe we'll create one.  We also love to hear from our customers, whether it be kudos or suggestions for improvements.