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Subscriptions are Working!

Great news!  Subscriptions are now working.  For items that you can subscribe to (such as coffee beans and coffee grounds,) you will see the option on the product's page that allows you to subscribe to the product and save 5%.  This option is right above the "Add to Cart" button.  An example is shown below:

Subscribe and Save!

You can have the subscription shipments sent to you every week, every other week, every month, every 6 months, and everything in between.  Regardless of what your needs are, we're confident you'll find a subscription that works for you.

You can change your subscription at any time.  This includes removing the subscription, changing which product(s) you are subscribed to, or even skipping the next order without deleting the subscription.  Try it today!

And remember, over 90% of our orders are roasted within 24 hours of being shipped, so every subscription order we send you is super fresh!

The Coffee Canopy Team