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Save 10% on Subscription Orders!

We're happy to tell you that we now offer a 10% discount on all coffee subscription orders.  That means you'll save 10% off the list price ON EVERY ORDER!  We've also made it possible for you to mix and match subscriptions.

Do you have 2 flavors that you love and can't choose which one to subscribe to?

You can setup the subscriptions however you like.  For instance, you can subscribe the Italian Roast Espresso and have it shipped to you every 2 weeks.  Then, you can have the Medium House Blend shipped to you every other 2 weeks.  So it looks like this:

Week 1 Italian Roast Espresso
Week 2 Medium House Blend
Week 3 Italian Roast Espresso
Week 4 Medium House Blend


You can mix and match them however you choose.  You have complete control over your subscriptions so that you can cancel your subscription, modify your subscription, or even skip the next shipment (if you have a little extra coffee than expected).

Try a subscription today.  Feel free to contact us if you need help setting it up!

The Coffee Canopy Team