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What's Brewing? - Dollar Brew Club

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What's Brewing? - Dollar Brew Club

Hi!  We're excited to provide another opportunity for you to enjoy our delicious coffee.  We've launched the Dollar Brew Club!

What's the Dollar Brew Club?

The Dollar Brew Club is a subscription club where the customer chooses to receive coffee samples each week or each month.  The cost is $5 per sample and you won't be charged until the sample is ready to be shipped.

What Coffees are Offered?

Each week, we hand pick a signature roast or flavored coffee to feature.  We don't currently offer decaf coffees or Fair-Trade Certified coffees.

What if I Don't Like a Flavor?

We will send you an e-mail a few days before the sample is shipped letting you what the featured coffee is and some information about it.  If it's a flavor or brew that you don't want to try, you can simply skip it on the Subscriptions Management page on our site.  You won't be charged to skip an order and it will auto resume the next week or month.

How Much Coffee Do I Get?

Each sample is a 4oz bag of the featured coffee.  You can choose to get the samples as whole bean or ground at no extra charge.  A 4oz bag makes about 34 cups of coffee depending on how strong you brew your coffee.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Check out our signup page below:

Dollar Brew Club