What's Brewing? - 4 oz Samples Now Avialable ($6)

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What's Brewing? - 4 oz Samples Now Avialable ($6)

Good news!  We're now offering 4 oz samples in most of our coffee roasts and flavors!

Having trouble deciding what to buy?  Are you wanting to try a specific roast or flavor but don't want to commit to a full pound of something you might not like?

Well, we've got good news for you:  We're now offering a 4 oz sample size bag in most of our roasts and flavors and it's only $6.  That's right, just $6 dollars.  

4 ounces of our delectable coffee beans (or grounds) makes around 34 cups of coffee depending on how strong you choose to brew it.  Just stop over on your favorite product page and you'll see the 4 oz sample bag as an option in the weight drop down.

So what are you waiting for?  Buy a sample bag today!