Our Coffee

We sell nothing but the best coffee we can find.  Our coffee quality is above the gourmet level but still affordable. We believe it's important to provide our customers with fresh, high quality coffee beans that they can purchase regularly without breaking the bank.  Because every last bean we roast is done right here in the good old US of A, we have control over the quality of the ingredients we use.

Coffee Lines

Signature Blends

Our signature line of blended coffees. Featuring great blends of coffee beans from all over the world.

Flavored Coffee

Coffee beans that we flavor in-house. Available in regular and decaf.

Decaf Blends

We offer multiple blends of decaf coffee, including those decaffeinated using our CO2 process.

Fair-Trade Coffee

Coming soon! Certified Fair-Trade coffee: child labor and forced labor free. Making a better world for coffee farmers.

Coffee Roast Levels


Light Roast

Also known as Cinnamon or American Roast. This roast is generally milder and sweeter tasting than darker roasts. These beans have a light color and are non-oily.


City Roast

City Roasts are often richer in taste than light coffees. These beans are a dark brown color, but are not roasted dark enough to become very oily.


French Roast

Generally richer and more tart than other roasts. These beans are quite oily and very dark brown. Some people prefer this as their Espresso roast.


Italian Roast

The darkest roast we do. The beans are black and very oily. Has a pronounced burned flavor and body. Ideal as an Espresso roast.

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