Dollar Brew Club - 1 Month Prepaid Subscription

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1 Month Prepaid Subscription

This is a great gift option.  This is a one (1) month pre-paid subscription that you can give as a gift (or keep for yourself).  It's super easy: you pay for four shipments which will be delivered weekly.

What's the Dollar Brew Club?

Do you love coffee?  Do you love trying new things?  Then join our Dollar Brew Club!  For just $5 per week or month (you choose), you will get a new 4oz sample of our featured coffee flavor.  We'll let you know ahead of time which flavor we'll be sending.  If it's something you're not interested in, you can skip the flavor and you won't be charged.

How much coffee do I get?

A 4oz sample is enough to make around 34 cups of coffee depending on how strong you make your coffee.  Sign up today and you'll start receiving samples!

What types of coffees are included?

Signature roasts and flavored coffees are hand chosen each week to be featured.  This club subscription does not include decaf coffees or Fair-Trade Certified coffees.