Nicaraguan SHG (Organic Fair-Trade)

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SHG stands for Strictly High Grown and is a grade given to these coffee beans based off of where they are grown. These beans are grown in the highest areas of Nicaragua and yields a lower acidity than most beans grown in Central America. Our Nicaraguan beans brew a well balanced cup that features a mild body, light acidity, and an excellent aroma. Many coffee experts claim that Nicaraguan coffee beans give Kona (Hawaiian) coffee beans a run for their money, but we'll let you be the judge of that.


  • Strictly High Grown (lower acidity)
  • Balanced, light acidity, wonderful aroma
  • Organic Fair-Trade

Bean Origin

The beans used in the Nicaraguan SHG roast come from Central America.

Item Stats

Roast: Light
Body: Between smooth and balanced
Acidity: Between low and medium

About Fair-Trade Coffee

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