Six Bean Espresso

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Numerous espresso gurus were consulted when creating this blend. It's so smooth and good that it's served in coffee shops and cafes across the United States. These beans are ideal for espresso lovers and features a smooth body and moderate acidity. This blend gets its name from the fact that we use six unique beans to create it. It is not as dark as our Italian Roast Espresso and is roasted to a French Roast level. Try it and you'll understand why it's a favorite for our customers, especially espresso lovers.


  • Ideal for espresso lovers
  • Smooth body and moderate acidity
  • 6 unique beans blended together

Bean Origin

The beans used in the Six Bean Espresso come from Central America, South America, India, and Indonesia.

Item Stats

Roast: French
Body: Between smooth and balanced
Acidity: Medium